Forums to make money

Hello, we present you here a new little site on, an expired domain name we bought a few months ago. It was before useful to create a new forum but we have different goals.

So this website will be useful to make know our projects : several marketplaces will allow people to sell products such as video games, mangas and a lot of other things. Also you’ll be able to sell services, private guitar lessons for example.

You already can see our main website at the url, focused on the Exchange of Services. In addition to this possibility, you will be able to make money by sharing informations and about your hobbies with some groups or by writing blogs.

We want to offer a great and unique marketplace, mainly to give more benefits than all the other marketplaces already existing. And for this we have created a local currency. In that way, you could exchange whatever you want in exchange of money called Dollanz. Then you could buy anything you want with your dollanz, whenever you want.

Secondly you could exchange informations about miscellaneous topics with our groups and blogs.

Additionnally blogs will be useful to make know your own project, and our members could be interested in. You are free to use our social network to advertise at a very nice price, and we offer different solutions for this.

Later we project to open two other marketplaces, the first would be dedicated to Africa and the second to Asia.